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Covid Protocols

Covid-19 Protocols

Last revised Sept 4th 2020

Following recent government guidelines, Basingstoke Academy of Dancing can now reopen from Saturday 25th July under specific regulations. Basingstoke Academy of Dancing is committed to the safety and well-being of all staff and students and will be continually taking advice from official bodies on how to proceed safely. 

Upon reopening, the following protocols will be followed in order to mitigate as much risk as possible. We will introduce a Pastoral Supervisor (PS) to ensure the smooth running of the new protocols as well as providing training to staff and clear signage throughout the studios.

Booking Classes

  • Classes should be booked and confirmed through Basingstoke Academy of Dancing by email or via the online booking system. 
  • We will continue to use contactless payment systems.  Invoices will be sent by email.
  • If the individual, or a member of their household, is currently showing symptoms, the student will not be able to attend the classes at the studio.

Arriving at/leaving the studio

  • The PS will implement a “call from car” “return to car” system outside the studio to avoid gatherings outside, as we need to be mindful also of the other businesses on the estate. Students should arrive 15 mins prior to start of class. There must be timely pick ups and drop offs
  • Only teachers, the PS, pre-booked students, and any other BAD worker needed onsite specifically, will be on the premises. There will be no admittance to any other persons.
  • Entrances and exits will be changed and notified in advance for each studio and timings varied so that passing people flows are minimized and surface contact is reduced.
      • Studio 1: Back door
      • Studio 2 & 3 : Side doors at front of studio
  • The PS will maintain online registers (this is also required for Track and Trace purposes)
  • Temperatures will be checked on arrival using a non-contact thermometer. Anyone with a temperature of 37.8C or above will be returned to their car/parent and not be able to participate. It is recommended the individual follows Public Health England procedures. 
  • Anyone entering the building will be required to wash their hands on arrival. We will be displaying the NHS guidance video on hand washing and you can also watch this at the following link:
  • Students are not permitted to wait in the studio when it is not their class.

Preparing for class

  • Students are requested to come “almost” ready and bring a medium size bag that will take all their belongings. This should be limited to:
      • Outer covering
      • Shoes
      • Water bottle
      • Individual towel (seniors only)
  • Any tasks that can be done at home (hair/dressing) should be done at home.
  • Each student will have a designated and socially distanced chair to change and keep their belongings.
  • Each studio has designated areas for class participants, separate from the other studios. 
  • The kitchen will be out of bounds, so please ensure the student brings sufficient water.
  • It is encouraged that students use the toilet before arriving at the studios. 
  • Toilets will operate on a ‘one in, one out’ basis in order to maintain personal spacing (please see below in regard to cleaning)
  • Please note NO LOST PROPERTY WILL BE KEPT – this will also be monitored by PS and teachers at the end of classes

During class

  • Start/end times of classes will be staggered with preparation gaps for teachers and students accommodated. 
  • Each class will have a limited number of students 
      • Studio 1 (105m²): 15 students plus teacher (from September)
      • Studio 2 (88.5m²): 11 students plus teacher (from September)
      • Studio 3 (37.5m²): 5 students plus teacher (from September)
  • Please note that the entire studios are approximately 5,500sq foot, with 5000sq foot of usable space. As per guidelines, GOV.UK suggest this would allow for 50 people in the building however there is unlikely to be more than 35 people at any one time. 
  • Each studio has designated personal space areas for both the teacher and students. 
  • Students will be clearly informed by teachers of where to stand during each part of the class. 
  • All spaces are socially distanced at 2m inclusive of dance areas and waiting spots for very small group travelling work.
  • Barres have been marked with 2m spacings 
  • Windows and doors will be propped open to increase ventilation.
  • Teachers will use quieter music and modify their teaching styles so there is less shouting over the music.
  • All students will be encouraged not to raise their voices and singing will not be included in any classes.
  • Any coughs or sneezes should be covered by a tissue or flexed elbow, then hands should be washed.
  • Props will not be available for use. 
  • Travelling movements will be performed in smaller groups with other class participants waiting in designated waiting spots/personal spaces to allow for increased distancing between students. 
  • When travelling, class participants will not be face to face
  • There will be no contact work.
  • Classes are designed to keep children in grade/age streamed  ‘bubbles’.
  • Teachers will be available to more than one ‘bubble’ .
  • The PS will supervise anyone needing to go to the toilet to ensure only one at a time and cleanliness protocols maintained.

Masks/Face Coverings

  • Guidelines suggest that masks/face coverings are neither needed or recommended in an exercise scenario with all the social distancing and other guidelines being met.
  • We understand that some participants may feel more comfortable wearing a mask/face covering and if they decide to, the following should be noted:
    • Masks should fit snugly over the nose and mouth and should not be touched once placed on the face
    • Masks should be worn fully and not around the chin or neck 
    • If the mask gets damp, it should be changed.
  • Teachers will not be wearing a mask/face covering as this makes it difficult to speak clearly to the class. They will don a mask if any closer contact is needed, such as help with shoelaces, but the PS will mainly do this.
  • The PS will be wearing a mask/face covering as well as disposable gloves.

Developing symptoms

  • In the event of someone developing symptoms while at the studio, the individual will be isolated in the reception area until they can be collected and monitored by the PS.
  • The individual will be advised to follow the current guidelines set out by Public Health England and seek guidance from a GP or healthcare professional.
  • In this instance, Public Health England will decide whether other participants also need to self-isolate.
  • If someone identifies as contracting COVID 19, we will inform the necessary people through our ‘track and trace’ record for appropriate precautions to be followed. 


  • The studios will be cleaned thoroughly, daily and at other appropriate intervals during the day.
  • The PS (as well as teachers) will be cleaning high contact surface areas between certain classes (inclusive of personal space chairs, dance floors and barres).  This will be when groups of children change over or after a class with floor or barre work.
  • Toilets will be cleaned and cleared of waste regularly throughout the day.  A schedule will be displayed. 
  • Paper towel dispensers and foot pedal bins have been installed in the toilets and kitchen. NHS and government guidelines recommend drying hands and turning off the taps using paper towels. 
  • Bins will be emptied frequently.
  • No-contact hand sanitisers have been installed at the studio. These are NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN’S USE as we have sinks available, due to the high alcohol content (70%). 
  • The studio will have sufficient, appropriate cleaning products available. These will be stored safely away from children. 

Live streamed classes

  • Some classes will be live streamed to offer individuals who are not able or not comfortable to attend the studios, the opportunity to take part. 
  • These classes will be available to book through 
  • Participants attending the studio for these classes will be asked to sign a media consent form.

Please see the Government and Public Health England websites for further information. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tanya at Basingstoke Academy of Dancing to discuss 07768 124062