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Dance Styles

We have many different dance classes at our large studios in Houndmills – please see below for an idea of our styles

RAD Ballet and ISTD Modern & Tap examinations are accredited with the QCA and also earn UCAS points at Vocational levels

We will soon be doing Exams in Contemporary also with the ISTD and Acro exams with Acrobatic Arts

We are an Approved Centre for the ISTD Teacher Training in DDI and DDE

Ask us about our Performing Arts Courses / Pre –Vocational Training packages

Scholarship policy: The two students receiving highest marks in the examination session, by subject, ranked by exam level if same marks receive a £60 bursary for the following term.

Ballet Classes – To learn grace, posture and poise.  We follow the accredited RAD syllabus from Pre Primary to Advanced 2.  Success at Grades 6, 7, 8 Intermediate and above attract UCAS points.  We have specialist beginner classes for late starters 12+ and also Beginner Adult Ballet.  Pointe work is introduced from Inter Foundation for those students with the strength and technique to study this – it is not always appropriate for all students to continue to pointe work.

Modern Classes – To gain confidence, technique and strength. We follow the accredited ISTD syllabus from Primary to Advanced 2. Success at Grades 6, Intermediate and Advanced 1 & 2 gain UCAS points.  Modern is a rhythmic dance style and is often seen in musical productions. It involves expressive Kicks, Leaps and Turns while having key control behind the movement.

Tap Classes – To learn rhythm and posture. We follow the accredited ISTD syllabus from Primary to Advanced 2. successes at Grades 6, Intermediate and Advanced 1 & 2 gain UCAS points. Tap has developed from an American dance style. The dancers uses there feet by striking the floor to create a rhythmic beat. The class involves ankle strength, core strength and stamina.

Contemporary Classes – To learn technique and improvisation skills. We hold classes from yr 7 and provide a rage of ability. Contemporary is a unique style of dance that combines Ballet and Modern training together. You will learn Contact Work, Floor Work and Improvisation Skills. Contemporary is used in GCSE and A-Level dance and is a very good tool for choreography.

Musical Theatre – To gain confidence and to learn Singing, Acting and Dancing skills. We hold classes for all ages and ability. Musical Theatre is a form of theatre that includes songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance. In this class you can improve your singing range, improve acting skills and techniques, and explore dance in an expressive way. Musical Theatre is always used in any musical show and is an essential skill to have for any performing employment.

Commercial Jazz /Street Jazz – to learn stamina, expressive dance and poise.  This style of dance is what you will see in Pop Videos and Pop Concert.  We hold classes for 14+. Commercial Jazz is highly choreographed style that includes fluid and harp movements, popping and locking, and animated expressions.  Often a fairly mature style of dance.  Younger students do Street Jazz, similar but more age appropriate

Strength and Conditioning – to gain strength an stamina. We hold classes for yr 5+. Strength and Conditioning is essential for any form of dance. This is due to all form of dance movements using strength to gain momentum and height. These classes help improve stamina and improves muscle strength to help improve dance movements.   It allows us to spend a little extra time on techniques to support the syllabus classes.

Specialist Boys Dance Class – to gain self confidence and technique. we hold classes for age 6-9/10 (Juniors) age 9/10-15 (Seniors). This class was developed to help boys feel more comfortable in dance and to take time to teach male technique. This will help boost their self esteem and to gain proper technique used for men.

Lyrical Jazz – to gain pose and technique. we hold a class for age 9-14. Lyrical Jazz. Lyrical dance is a dance style that blends elements of Ballet and Jazz dance. Lyrical dance is generally a little more fluid than Ballet and also somewhat faster, although not as rapidly executed as Jazz dance.  Often performed to and expressing popular ballards.