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Timetable & Info

Please see our Timetable here

These are our  COVID 19 protocols!

If you are interested in the Summer Term   – please register here. Once registered you will be able to see classes to enrol into.  REGISTER FOR IN PERSON CLASSES FROM APRIL – click here

Look out for our updates on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

If you are attending the studios we also have a Community Group to share information, videos and pictures also  – B.A.D. Community

Policies and Protocols


Fees are payable termly in advance to secure places as some classes have waiting lists.  We offer a free trial class and invoices will be calculated pro rata if students start part way through the term.  No refunds will be offered if students leave part way through the term.  There can be exceptions to this in extraordinary circumstances or with pre-school children in the first 3 weeks.  We do offer monthly schemes for families with very large termly bills over £250.

Uniform, Dance Clothes and Costumes

Uniform can be purchased from our extremely competitive online shop  – any profits go to our Hardship fund

For B.A.D. Additions (Branded Clothing etc.) please contact badadditions@basingstokeacademy.co.uk

Second hand items may be found on this facebook group or occasionally ask at the studio on a Saturday morning

OR please look at Encore Dance Clothing for Pre Loved Costumes and Dancewear!

Individually designed costumes can made at Dancety, Fleet

Contact Tanya if you need anything from the following as we have access to teacher discounts

IDS, Weissman, Move Dancewear or  Dance Direct

Other Websites


DTOLmember http://www.dtol.biz/