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Fire Safety

Fire Safety

Last revised August 2020

In the unlikely event of a fire, everyone should exit the building by their nearest exit without collecting any belongings. Everyone should assemble at the fire assembly point which is towards the back of the building by the steps towards the bus stop. It is the responsibility of the teacher to evacuate their class via the assigned exit. Registers will be taken at the assembly point.

The designated person will alert the emergency services and be last to exit the building, ensuring that all fire doors are closed. Any missing persons should be reported to the designated person for them to relay to the fire brigade. 

Fire exits at the studios are as follows:

        • Main entrance: reception, kitchen, Studio 1 waiting room
        • Side entrance: Studio 2, Studio 2 waiting room
        • Back entrance: Studio 1, Studio 3

If the main entrance is blocked by fire, reception, kitchen and Studio 1 waiting room should use the back entrance. 

If the side entrance is blocked by fire, Studio 2 and Studio 2 waiting room should use the back entrance.

If the back entrance is blocked by fire, Studio 1 should use the main entrance and Studio 3 should use the side entrance. 

Testing of fire safety equipment 

      • Fire alarms should be activated once a week, alternating between each fire alarm call point to ensure all are working. There are three fire alarm call points, one by each exit. Fire doors should also be checked for any damage at this time. 
      • Fire drills should be conducted once per term.
      • Smoke alarms and fire alarms are checked professionally every six months.
      • Records of these tests must be completed.